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Woodworking In San Francisco: How “Beautifully Designed” Fits Into This Conversation


Ah, San Francisco – home of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s “beautifully designed,” spanning the entire channel between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean to link San Francisco and Marin County.

However, we’re not here to discuss about this famous bridge. We’re here to discuss about woodworking in San Francisco – and how “beautifully designed” fits into this conversation.


Enter The Butterfly Joint and Wood Thumb…

The Butterfly Joint

To make “beautifully designed” wood crafts, one needs to learn more about it first. Better yet, learn more about it as early as possible.

Located in 2640 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, The Butterfly Joint is every kid and young-at-hearts’ happy woodworking place. A woodworking studio is especially made just for them, along with their own punch cards and aprons. What’s more, a steam whistle can be heard – right before anyone starts their wood projects.

It’s worth noting that different categories of woodworking are given to students, depending on their age. Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and beginners (4 years to 9 years) are only allowed to work on pre-made wood pieces. Advanced (10 years to 18 years) are allowed to make wood projects from scratch and use tools like dovetail saws or those seen in http://healthyhandyman.com/best-wood-lathe-guide/.

Wood Thumb

“Beautifully designed” is just not enough to describe the amazing wood products made from the vision of two brothers.

Located in 354 5th St. SOMA District, San Francisco, CA, Wood Thumb is founded by Christopher and David Steinrueck. They are both passionate about wood, specifically the kind of wood that emanates character – and thus, became more inspired to create wood projects that have its own stories to tell. Amazing, right?

Moreover, they do not only make amazing wood projects. They also offer workshops for those looking to know more about the art of woodworking. Wood Thumb offers the following courses: The Urban Living Series: Wedge Table, Beer Lovers: Wood Six Pack, Wood Slab Cutting Board, Triangle Shelf, and more.

Ah, woodworking in San Francisco. So, how does “beautifully designed” fits into this conversation? Whether a business is more into teaching woodworking to both kids and young-at-hearts or more into creating beautiful wood projects, it shows that the art of woodworking has truly come a long way and “beautifully designed” is just not enough to describe its many benefits and impact to other people. In short, the art of woodworking is simply amazing.

Cheers to woodworking in San Francisco!