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Art, Culture, and Bites in San Francisco and Beyond

Graffiti Alley in San Francisco

Graffiti Alley in San Francisco

We all know that San Francisco has its share of  wonderful attractions and tourist destinations like the Golden Gate bridge and the Alcatraz  Federal Penitentiary. It also serves as a haven of modern street artists. Some may classify this as an act of Vandalism, but for me, this can be classified as Modern Art. This clearly shows the Pop culture in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s Art and Culture

The culture in San Francisco is shown with its large array of Art Galleries, Museums and Theatres. You can find the most recognized symphonies and orchestras doing their live shows at San Francisco. Having a tour at San Francisco serves as a unique experience for tourists and residents alike. The alleys serves as a canvass of the street artists share their thoughts and emotions. You should also visit the North Beach. It’s filled with cafes, shops and restaurants in European fashion. Yes. Rich Culture indeed.


Crab San Francisco

Mmmm.. Crab Palooza

We can’t talk about San Francisco without talking about food. The dining experience in this area is world-renown and most of the Americans classify San Francisco as one of the best dining cities in the USA. You can have variety with your food because every type of cuisine is available there.

Mouth-watering food and great tasting drinks, SF can give you that. Pizza, Po Boys, burgers, steaks, franks, cakes, seafood, pastries. Just name it! While they enjoy eating food full of fats and carbs, juicing has made its way to the San Francisco and makes their diet a little healthier. Juicing has detoxifying properties and it can give you great amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Best of all, it tastes good! Check out this site if you want to learn more about the benefits of juicing:


Amazing sights. Delicious food and drinks. Rich history and culture. Those are the words that describes San Francisco. So what are you waiting for? Explore the wonders of this city and feel the unique experience. See you there cowboy!


Inspired by the Essential Bakeries in San Francisco

home baking

The delicious freshly baked bread is very enticing. Telling you to take a bite and immerse in its healthy goodness.  Experiencing this and if baking is one of the human activities that keep you moving, then it’s truly inspiring to own the best bread machine. Why not give the Panasonic bread machine a perfect try? Check its amazing features and bring the machine to your kitchen.  Another option that could enrich your baking styles is to get inspiration from the essential bakeries in San Francisco that can possibly bring your baking hobby to an exceptional level.

The bakeries in San Francisco have an amazing display of bread, cakes, pastries, cookies and much more stellar baked goods.  Yes, outstanding bakeries in San Francisco offer their tasty baked goods that can make you crave for more. Therefore,  if baking is your passion you can as well try their best baking recipes at home. It is just a matter of modeling and constructive imitating.

Loaves of bread, bagels, croissants,  muffins and much more are a perfect hit to your heart that you can get amazing inspiration from the bakeries around the town. Try to visit La Boulangerie de San Francisco and take notice of the parade of homemade bread, sandwiches,  almond croissants and many items to satisfy your cravings more generously.

home baking

In San Francisco, there is always a baking style to fit every taste and occasion from freshly baked loaf of bread to nutty whole grain rounds. Hence, if you own a bread machine it’s important to get ideas from others too and the bakeries in San Francisco should be included in your list and experience the delightful baked goodies at home.  Include Thorough Bread and Pastry and get truly inspired by their flawlessly baked Rosemary Olive Fougasse and enjoy the chewy yet tender bread.  It will just make your every bite worth it.

The bready carvings you have can be best supported by visiting other famous bakeries in San Francisco California and La Victoria Bakery should be your best inspiration. Get truly inspired by its soft and sweet pan dulce and enjoy munching its crackly sugar crust.  Speak of tasty pastries, free bagels, and Mexican pastries and you can have them all and bring them home.  Then, every day can be an enjoyable baking moment for you.

Woodworking In San Francisco: How “Beautifully Designed” Fits Into This Conversation


Ah, San Francisco – home of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s “beautifully designed,” spanning the entire channel between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean to link San Francisco and Marin County.

However, we’re not here to discuss about this famous bridge. We’re here to discuss about woodworking in San Francisco – and how “beautifully designed” fits into this conversation.


Enter The Butterfly Joint and Wood Thumb…

The Butterfly Joint

To make “beautifully designed” wood crafts, one needs to learn more about it first. Better yet, learn more about it as early as possible.

Located in 2640 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, The Butterfly Joint is every kid and young-at-hearts’ happy woodworking place. A woodworking studio is especially made just for them, along with their own punch cards and aprons. What’s more, a steam whistle can be heard – right before anyone starts their wood projects.

It’s worth noting that different categories of woodworking are given to students, depending on their age. Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and beginners (4 years to 9 years) are only allowed to work on pre-made wood pieces. Advanced (10 years to 18 years) are allowed to make wood projects from scratch and use tools like dovetail saws or those seen in

Wood Thumb

“Beautifully designed” is just not enough to describe the amazing wood products made from the vision of two brothers.

Located in 354 5th St. SOMA District, San Francisco, CA, Wood Thumb is founded by Christopher and David Steinrueck. They are both passionate about wood, specifically the kind of wood that emanates character – and thus, became more inspired to create wood projects that have its own stories to tell. Amazing, right?

Moreover, they do not only make amazing wood projects. They also offer workshops for those looking to know more about the art of woodworking. Wood Thumb offers the following courses: The Urban Living Series: Wedge Table, Beer Lovers: Wood Six Pack, Wood Slab Cutting Board, Triangle Shelf, and more.

Ah, woodworking in San Francisco. So, how does “beautifully designed” fits into this conversation? Whether a business is more into teaching woodworking to both kids and young-at-hearts or more into creating beautiful wood projects, it shows that the art of woodworking has truly come a long way and “beautifully designed” is just not enough to describe its many benefits and impact to other people. In short, the art of woodworking is simply amazing.

Cheers to woodworking in San Francisco!

Some Guidelines When Pruning Or Trimming A Tree In San Francisco


You are on your way home from work. You were just rounding the corner to your front gate when you suddenly bumped your head into something hard. You fell down and when you looked up, you saw an almost-collapsed branch from an old tree in your front yard swaying ever so lightly in the direction you are going.

Thus, you decided to cut it out.

But wait, you almost forgot that you are living in San Francisco.

Here are some guidelines when pruning or trimming a tree in San Francisco:


  • Be aware of the law. San Francisco is one of the many cities in the United States that promote environmentalism and green living; hence, there are certain standards that citizens have to adhere when pruning or cutting trees within the vicinity. Some of these rules include topping trees being illegal, trees located along the streets needing a local permit to be pruned or trimmed, and hiring certified arborists to do the job properly.

You can find more FAQS on pruning and trimming trees in San Francisco here.


  • Find the right saw to prune or trim your tree. If you are planning to cut down your own tree, you don’t need to get a permit from San Francisco’s Public Works Association. Still, you should learn how to properly cut a tree by yourself. First off, you should have the right saw or cutter. Some saws for pruning or trimming trees include pole saws or chainsaws, while cutters include hand pruners and lopping shears.

To know which saw is the best one for your pruning or trimming needs, visit

pruning and trimming trees

  • Handle the tree with extra care. Always remember that trees are also living things just like humans and plants. So be it an old one or a young one, pruning or trimming trees should be done extra carefully and without any damage to important parts such as the roots, the bark, and the collar.

Happy pruning and trimming in San Francisco!

Top Things to Do to Play Tourist in Your Own City

Living in your city for your whole life often makes you feel like you already know everything worth knowing about it. It may feel like you know it like the back of your hand. But you may be surprised as to how much more you can discover if you see your neighborhood and nearby places from fresh eyes or from a tourist’s perspective. Even the most familiar places are likely to surprise you with delightful new discoveries. One of the best ways to indulge your wanderlust without going far from home is to play tourist in your own city.

Put it in your calendar

Golden Gate Bridge

Plan a staycation and do things that most tourists do. Visit your city’s top attractions. Join walking tours. Explore art galleries and museums. Take a stroll in a park. Enjoy delicious meals at some of the foodie destinations in the area.

Go where you have never been before

 cable car ride

Explore new areas by visiting underrated attractions. Make a checklist of places you have never been to before. Visit the free museums or head to the less touristy parks. Wander around Chinatown and Japantown and treat yourself with traditional cuisines.

Go on tours

San Francisco

Get into the tourist vibe by signing up on tours. This not only allows you to meet new people from different countries. It is also a great opportunity to see the attractions and experience things from foreigners’ perspectives.

Keep it up


Playing tourist does not have to be a one-time deal. You can make it a part of your weekly or monthly routine. You can explore one area at a time. Or it could be as simple as dining in a hole in wall place that serve some of the best meals you can find in the city.

Take the high ground to enjoy the view


Go somewhere that provides you with a good view of the city from up high. Go up a tiled staircase to soak in more of the views below. Hike inside a forest or up the mountain and look for a spot where you can feast your eyes on the beauty of the cityscape.

Check out events and festivals

Chinese lanterns

There are many events and festivals you can enjoy whole year round. You just have to make time for them. There is no dearth of outdoor activities, food festivals, entertainment events, and more that you can enjoy.