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In case you didn’t know, San Francisco is a marijuana-friendly city. The recreational use for adults (21 years old and above) became legal in California last November 8, 2016. San Francisco has been weed-friendly since the 1960s—it’s even believed that you can be offered pot while you’re walking down the street!

Home to famous musicians like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, etc., San Francisco allows you to consume drugs even in public. Although that’s not lawful, SF police don’t prioritize such issues, which means you can use them in public with caution. Read the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) to be safe. If you’re not careful, you might be obliged to pay $100 as a fine or $250 if you’re smoking marijuana where tobacco isn’t allowed such as near schools. E-cigarette rules also apply to weed vaporizers, so be sure to be respectful to the people around you when you smoke in public!

The good side is if you smell like pot, you won’t be stopped or searched by the police. You’re no longer obliged to submit to a search due to suspected marijuana use because it’s already legal unless, of course, you’re not an adult.

smoking pot

All these sound very promising, right? Unfortunately, if you’re not a medical cannabis patient, you can only purchase marijuana in stores after January 1, 2018. Before then, if you’re an adult, you can be gifted by another adult with up to an ounce of marijuana. You can also grow up to six cannabis plants indoors or outdoors in an enclosed structure. As a bonus, here are our favorite top 5 LED grow light picks in 2017 for your cultivation of marijuana.

WARNING: Even if you’re allowed to use marijuana in San Francisco, your employer still has the right to keep a drug-free workplace. That means you can get fired if you get caught using the drug at work, or you showed up to work stoned.

Want to know more? Here are other states that legalized marijuana last 2016.


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