Paint sprayer gun

Ever questioned how the truck owners of El Tonayense, J-Shack, and Taco Guys in San Francisco painted their vehicles fast? The answer lies in the magical power of a paint sprayer! With this device, they can quickly paint and repaint if there are damages. Spray paint dries rapidly as well, allowing these vans to go running around the town to serve yummy, finger-licking food! In this article, you’ll be surprised by How much time you save using one!

Paint sprayer gunWhat are they?

As you are well aware, paint sprayers have conquered almost all DIY and home improvement projects. They’ve even rebelliously taken over churches, parks, and homes. Their multifunctional characteristic makes them easy to use for virtually any type of painting job.


There are two types of paint sprayers: airless and air-based. Airless paint sprayers push the paint so it can be released while air-based paint sprayers use more air to push the paint with more power.


Crepe from J-Shack
Crepe from J-Shack

They are also categorized according to the volume and pressure. For instance, if you’re about to spray paint a truck like J-Shacks’, you’ll need one with low volume but high pressure, which is ideal for painting broad areas and long distance items. On the other hand, if you’re going to paint furniture, indoor handicrafts, stairs, etc., you’ll need a paint sprayer with high volume but low pressure.

Time-saving Power

Thanks to paint sprayers, you don’t have to work on the painting job for an entire weekend! Because you can apply paint fast, you don’t have to wait too long for it to dry downright. You can finish a painting task in one afternoon and be amazed at the smooth finish! Paint sprayers will send you to cloud nine especially when you see how even every pass of a paint sprayer gave you. Plus, you can store a significant amount of paint unlike in a paint roller that drips paint when you store too much.


Whatever it is you have to paint, whether a food truck, a staircase, or a room, a paint sprayer can always save the day!

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