The Tiled Steps

If you haven’t seen the beautifully tiled staircase in San Francisco, you’re missing one-fourth of your life! This is one of the best tourist spots you can visit in the city and is the only staircase that’ll keep you climbing without noticing the leg pains! The staircase will hypnotize you, and once you reach the top, you’ll love what you see with your eyes even more.

You may not be able to visit the place soon, but you can duplicate (or at least try to) its wonder.

Here are the steps you should follow to make your tiled staircase at home.

The Tiled Steps

  1. Level the stairs. Do everything you can to do this properly. Remember, if you don’t level the surface, something will go wrong once you install the tiles. If necessary, remove flaws with a trowel. Don’t forget to use a measuring tape too!
  2. Lay out the tile adhesive. You’ll need a notched float for this job, so be sure you have one. Make sure you also know how to mix the tile adhesive. This will test your patience! When spreading the adhesive, do it on a small surface because it dries out rapidly.
  3. Install the stairs. Now it’s time for you to add the tiles! Do so from the top. Remember, if the floor is extremely dry, you have to sprinkle a small amount of water. This will ensure that the adhesive will stick to the floor. Using a sponge to add the water evenly is also an excellent idea. After adding the tiles, use a trowel to get rid of extra tile adhesive.
  4. Hammer down the tiles. With your rubber mallet, tap the tiles gently to secure the tiles and make them even. Using a spirit level is also helpful.
  5. Tile sawLay the tiles on the landing. This is regarded as the hardest part of the process, but you can do it carefully. A few cuts might be necessary, but a Tile-saw exists for that reason. But remember to be extra cautious when using power tools; you wouldn’t want to end up like this guy.

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