san francisco

San Francisco is not just home to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Lombard Street. It’s also not just home to the Union Square and the Ghirardelli Square. It’s not even just home to the Exploratorium and the infamous Alcatraz Island.

San Francisco is also home to exquisite homes and scenic towers. It’s also home to elevated hills and pristine beaches. It’s known for its rich history and its vibrant culture. It’s also known for its lively people and gourmet dishes.

That being said, remember these when exploring San Francisco:

Take it easy.

You’re excited upon arriving to San Francisco. You’re excited to see all those amazing places in just one day. You’re excited to experience all those amazing things in just one day. However, you need to take it easy. Relax, you need to breathe out smoothly. There’s plenty of time to roam around San Francisco – especially on those hilly streets. What’s important is having the right amount of energy to totally see, as well as fully experience, what the city offers you.

Do your research.

Exploring San Francisco, especially when solo travelling, can be grueling if (1) you don’t exercise regularly, (2) you don’t know where to go next, and (3) you don’t know what to do next. Thus, you need to do your research – just like what you do when camping somewhere remote or beaching somewhere isolated. You can also refer to “things to do alone in San Francisco” blogs, which has no shortage of tips and tricks to explore San Francisco in the best way possible.

Don’t skip meals.

Always remember, San Francisco is also known to have elevated hills – everywhere you go, everywhere you look. That’s why, it’s very important for you not skip meals. This is not just for you to get your brain active throughout the day, but also for you to keep that energy up throughout the day.

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