Some Guidelines When Pruning Or Trimming A Tree In San Francisco


You are on your way home from work. You were just rounding the corner to your front gate when you suddenly bumped your head into something hard. You fell down and when you looked up, you saw an almost-collapsed branch from an old tree in your front yard swaying ever so lightly in the direction you are going.

Thus, you decided to cut it out.

But wait, you almost forgot that you are living in San Francisco.

Here are some guidelines when pruning or trimming a tree in San Francisco:


  • Be aware of the law. San Francisco is one of the many cities in the United States that promote environmentalism and green living; hence, there are certain standards that citizens have to adhere when pruning or cutting trees within the vicinity. Some of these rules include topping trees being illegal, trees located along the streets needing a local permit to be pruned or trimmed, and hiring certified arborists to do the job properly.

You can find more FAQS on pruning and trimming trees in San Francisco here.


  • Find the right saw to prune or trim your tree. If you are planning to cut down your own tree, you don’t need to get a permit from San Francisco’s Public Works Association. Still, you should learn how to properly cut a tree by yourself. First off, you should have the right saw or cutter. Some saws for pruning or trimming trees include pole saws or chainsaws, while cutters include hand pruners and lopping shears.

To know which saw is the best one for your pruning or trimming needs, visit

pruning and trimming trees

  • Handle the tree with extra care. Always remember that trees are also living things just like humans and plants. So be it an old one or a young one, pruning or trimming trees should be done extra carefully and without any damage to important parts such as the roots, the bark, and the collar.

Happy pruning and trimming in San Francisco!

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